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Secure all devices with the Everwatch Web Filter

Start using Everwatch Web Filter today to secure your business from Internet threats. Block malware and contain botnets across all connected devices. Deploy in minutes with no hardware to install or software to maintain.

Why use Everwatch Web Filter for Security?

By partnering with the world's largest DNS provider, Everwatch Web Filter is able to provide enterprises with a proactive security layer that both blocks inbound malware infections, and outbound botnet communications.  The result: Our sophisticated approach means malware can't get in, and bots can't connect to your network and wreak havok.

No other service like it exists and if you're like the thousands of global organizations -- including Fortune 10 enterprises, the world's leading academic institutions and SMBs, alike -- that we count as customers, you'll soon find it the most indispensable service you run on your network.


  • Easily control Internet access across all Internet-connected devices.

Use Everwatch Web Filter to control Web access, limit legal liability and enhance productivity -- not just on computers, but all connected devices.  With company-wide Web filtering based on Active Directory users, devices and groups, Everwatch Web Filter makes it easy to create and enforce access policies to suit the needs of your users. Unlike other services, Everwatch Web Filter is cloud-based and immediately takes effect across all Internet-connected devices on your network, helping you remove the complexity around managing security for mobile devices.

  • The hands-down easiest security solution to deploy and manage.

Everwatch Web Filter is a cloud-based service that can be deployed across multiple distributed locations simply and effortlessly, providing enterprises with the lowest TCO. No appliance or software is required, reducing the upfront cost and time to deploy. Provisioning, management and reporting for all networks is done through the cloud-based dashboard.

  • The most scalable security service available. With an A+ for uptime.

Everwatch Web Filtering is partnered with the largest independent recursive DNS service in the world with 12 global datacenters and 100% uptime since service inception in 2006. Through its unique DNS-based approach, the Everwatch Web Filter is able to provide enterprise-class Internet threat protection and Web filtering without impacting network resources or becoming a bottleneck for network traffic. The Everwatch Web Filter scales seamlessly to accommodate Internet usage growth in the enterprise requiring no future hardware upgrades.

  • Enterprise-grade security and control, delivered through the cloud.

All the power of the Everwatch Web Filter Enterprise’s award-winning, cloud-based Internet security plus visibility and control through Active Directory.

Why Everwatch Web Filter Enterprise Insights?

Everwatch Web Filter Enterprise Insights is the only enterprise-grade security solution to provide inspection, filtering, protection and reporting on all DNS traffic entering and exiting your network while enabling management of security and productivity policies via the users and devices within your Active Directory environment. With Insights, you can not only block malware on your networks, but track infections to individual devices. It’s so easy to deploy and manage, with no hardware to install or software to maintain, no new latency, and no new points of failure. Global security settings are controlled from a unified Web interface, and threat protection is updated constantly.


  • Granular control based on your Active Directory computers and groups.

Easily define security policies and access to the Internet based on the specific needs of the users within your organization via any user or device group in Active Directory. Comply with regulations and apply the right protection and access with precision.

  • Malware protection and the ability to contain botnets on your network.

Prevent malware from infecting clean devices and stop botnets from stealing critical information from compromised devices. Everwatch Web Filter provides enterprises with a unique Internet-wide proactive security layer that complements your existing end point and network perimeter security solutions and strengthens your defense-in-depth strategy. Get both inbound and outbound protection with Everwatch Web Filter.

  • Complete visibility across your distributed organization.

Gain visibility and control that’s managed through your Active Directory environment, without adding additional complexity or latency. See what your users and devices are doing, regardless of how many there are, or where they’re located. Everwatch Web Filter Enterprise Insights offers visibility that scales to the needs of organizations of all sizes, with no hardware to install or software to maintain.

  • Actionable security intelligence at your fingertips.

Get alerted of malware and botnet incidents on any managed computer on your networks so you can diagnose and remediate quickly. With Everwatch Web Filter Enterprise Insights’ security dashboard, you’re alerted of potential malware and botnet activity, as well as pointed to the individual device where the infection occured.  Get actionable information that allows you to contain and clean malware infections quickly with Everwatch Web Filter.

  • Takes the complexity out of security.

Everwatch Web Filter provides its service through the cloud, which means there's no hardware to install or software to maintain, and no new points of failure. All service updates are made in the cloud, eliminating the need to update software on end users' devices or appliances. Everwatch Web Filter’s ease-of-deployment and simplicity of management provides IT departments more time to focus on their core business rather than spending time on their Web filtering and security IT services.